What Is Lambrusco?

Classic Lambrusco is a lightly fizzy (frizzante), secco (residual sugar: 0 to 15 g/l), red or rose’ (never white) wine, with a minimum 11% alcohol, made from one (min. 85%) or a number of different (currently about 15) indigenous Lambrusco varieties (most common: Maestri, Marani, Sorbara, Grasparossa, Salamino, Montericco, Barghi, Viadanese, Ruberti) grown mostly in three provinces of Emilia (Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena) of Emilia-Romagna and the province of Mantova in Lombardia. Industrial Lambrusco versions (4-10%, rosso, rosato, bianco) were invented for the US market in the 70s and are not served in Emilia or Mantova. See also: Lambrusco ‘Rifermentazione Ancestrale’ (pre 1967) and Lambrusco Spumante (starting 1976).


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The authoritative voice on genuine Lambrusco (minimum 11% alcohol) since 1994.

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